W. Scott Burns - Commercial Mortgage Broker. I have been a commercial mortgage broker since 1988 based in Santa Barbara, California, I provide a private banking or private investor approach to your project. The object is to add value to your development, acquisition or refinance deal by offering a wide range of commercial financing solutions to your project. My approach is to the borrower. I am not limited to the resources of one lender.  I am able to present your loan to a variety of our institutional sources, securing you the best rate and terms the market can offer. I purchased my first income property while in college and  currently own a few NNN (Triple net) investment properties. I am active in the community, having been El Presidente of Old Spanish Days- Fiesta, President of Santa Barbara Sunrise Rotary President of Goleta Valley Chamber of Commerce and Vice-Chair of the City of Santa Barbara Park and Recreation Commission.

Give me a Call 805 448 8110

I always have time for a phone call.     I have outstanding relationships with many of the leading capital groups for commercial lending. I conduct thorough due diligence on my clients projects, so that at the end of review, the client can be assured that I have done my homework, that the project is compatible with the investor, and that I believe in it strongly enough to move forward. From the inital loan request to the final closing and funding, I work closely with his clients to ensure a successful transaction for the both the borrower and the lender.

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