W. Scott Burns - Commercial Mortgage Broker. As a commercial mortgage broker based in Santa Barbara, California, I provide a private banking or private investor approach to your project. The object is to add value to your development, acquisition or refinance deal by offering a wide range of commercial financing solutions to your project. My approach is to the borrower. I am not limited to the resources of one lender.  I am able to present your loan to a variety of our institutional sources, securing you the best rate and terms the market can offer. W. Scott Burns has been a licensed real estate broker since 1988.  I purchased my first income property while in college and  currently own a few NNN properties. I am active in the community, having been El Presidente of Old Spanish Days- Fiesta, President of Santa Barbara Sunrise Rotary President of Goleta Valley Chamber of Commerce and Vice-Chair of the City of Santa Barbara Park and Recreation Commission.

What We Do

We have outstanding relationships with many of the leading capital groups for commercial lending. W. Scott Burns conducts thorough due diligence on our clients projects, so that at the end of review, the client can be assured that we have done our homework, that the project is compatible with our investor, and that we believe in it strongly enough to move forward. We offer free review of your project.

March 08, Press Release (PDF)
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